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La Corderie Royale

Rochefort and its Corderie Royale...
During your stay at Camping La Boulinière, we invite you to visit the magnificent building of the Corderie Royale, born of the will of King Louis XIV who wanted to establish his ambition on land as well as on sea.
The first building to be constructed was the Corderie Royale, which began in 1666 and was completed in 1669.
At 374 metres long, this was the longest building in Europe at the time. It was a rope factory built on a raft of oak beams to overcome the instability of the marshy terrain. Its great length is explained by the need to make ropes for the navy that were one cable long, i.e. 200 metres.
For two centuries, the Corderie Royale made the ropes for the great sailing ships of the Royal Navy. In a prestigious setting, the Corderie Royale and the International Maritime Centre invite you to discover in the exhibition room
The history of the monument and its role in the arsenal (on the right as you enter the room)
The stages in the manufacture of ropes in the 17th century, based on hemp, then the evolution of ropes up to the synthetic ones (left-hand side when entering the room)
The Corderie Royale is open to visitors from the beginning of February to the end of December. It is located at 1 hour from the Camping La Boulinière.
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Photo credits: CMT17 © E. COEFFE.
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