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The water slides

A cascade of laughter!

Make the most of your holiday at Camping La Boulinière in Oléron to join in some physical activity to music in the heated pool..


Aquaform session

Start the day with an Aquaform session which is both relaxing and fun and most importantly very effective !  Whatever your age and physical condition, Aquaform helps tone numerous muscles such as abdominals, buttocks, thighs, arms and shoulders.  Contrary to most sports, there are few risks when you practise Aquaform as the pressure of the water reduces the strain on the muscles and you won't feel sore afterwards.



Dance in the water to the music at an Aquadancing session.  Once a week the entertainments team and DJ will teach you dance routines in the water.  The movements are adapted to the water resistance so the muscles work twice as hard.  Fun and energetic sessions guaranteed !



Once a week in July and August, campers of all ages can climb and slide on the inflatable - an adventure on water !